Now we provide an application for downloading Facebook videos in HD quality. It is simple, fast and has no limitations.

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Online Facebook video downloader

Our Facebook video downloader is an online service that enables you to download videos from Facebook on varieties of devices such as desktop computers, smart phones(Android, iPhone), iPad and tablets. The video is saved in high-definition or standard-definition MP4 video or MP3 audio.

All you need to do is to get into a Facebook video page, copy its URL, and paste it to the above input box. Then grab your video with just a few mouse clicks. It is really easy and totally free. Plus, it requires no software installation and registration.

How to Use Facebook Video Downloader

Find Facebook Video

Go to your facebook account, find a video and copy its URL.

Paste the Video URL

Paste the video URL to the input box above and click the "Search" button.

Download the Video

Click on the "Convert" and "Download" buttons to save the video.


Your video is saved into the "Downloads" folder of your desktop Windows PC if you did not choose your own one. Similarly, if you are using smart phones or tablets, the video  gets stored in your default download folder too.
Yes. It is totally free. Users have to make sure that you have a permission from the video owner to download the video. Our site does not store and keep any videos from the Facebook.
No. You can download videos as many as you like.
Any devices that can run the popular browsers such as Chrome, IE, Safari, FireFox are supported to use our service.
Yes. There is only one catch. You are not allowed to download a video in the middle of its live stream. You can, however, start the download as usual once the live video is completed.